Since 1980, dealerships, lenders and manufacturers have trusted Pitcher & Doyle to provide specialized insurance services solutions customized for their unique and diverse needs. We pride ourselves on the strength of our partnerships and our unfailing willingness to curate and create solutions that help businesses optimize operations, minimize risk, and provide outstanding customer service.

Preferred Dealer Protection is a comprehensive commercial insurance program designed specifically to meet the needs of dealers. We provide insurance programs for new car dealers and powersports dealers.

These insurance programs are administered by Pitcher & Doyle and distributed through a solid professional network of independent insurance brokers across Canada that provide local advice and service.

When you are in the dealership business, controlling costs is as important to your bottom line as increasing sales. In addition to the normal operating costs, insurance related losses affect the expense line. One loss could easily turn a good year into a problem. Studies show that 70 percent of the losses that occur in dealerships can be prevented when proper attention is given to loss avoidance. Reductions in losses usually result in a savings in your insurance premium which in turn reduces your operating cost.

Dealers who support loss control are usually considered preferred risks by insurance companies because they demonstrate a better loss history. Preferred dealers get preferred ratings.

When you participate in the Preferred Dealer Protection program, you will receive a loss control program at no cost to you. This loss control program is tailored to your needs by professionally trained loss control personnel with experience in dealership operations.