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The Strength of a Leader

Pitcher & Doyle was founded in 1980 and is a recognized quality provider of insurance programs and services for the dealership industry. Pitcher & Doyle manages the Preferred Dealer Protection Program across Canada with many satisfied dealers participating in this preferred program. In addition, Pitcher & Doyle provides similar programs across the USA.

Core Values


Pitcher & Doyle saves money, reduces risk and improves customer service for our clients every day.


Pitcher & Doyle listens continuously, acts proactively, and grows to fulfill the mission.

The Pitcher & Doyle Difference

Pitcher & Doyle manages the insurance needs of automotive manufacturers' sponsored Rental and Leasing Programs. As well, the document verification division provides lease tracking for vehicles financed by various manufacturers' captive finance companies. This qualifies Pitcher & Doyle as one of the largest providers of these services in North America.

Careful attention to every aspect of a business is required to safeguard assets and improve profits. Utilizing its specialized dealership expertise, quality loss control and local professional knowledge, Pitcher & Doyle can make a major contribution to your bottom line.

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As of March 2018, Pitcher & Doyle is a proud member of the Amynta Group.

About The Amynta Group

The Amynta Group is an industry-leading team of warranty and specialty risk companies as well as managing general agents. This collection of professionals and firms provides warranty and services contracts for the automotive, consumer products and specialty equipment industries, among others. Amynta also administers niche workers compensation and contractor liability coverage in the United States and Canada on behalf of multiple carriers. The Amynta name is derived from antiquity and means “protector,” which underscores the company’s focus and commitment to delivering industry-leading products and services to its wide range of clients and customers. Amynta plans to invest in growing its market leading position with a focus on ensuring market expansion and product innovation within its high performing work culture.

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