Cost Control
Through Loss Control

When you participate in the Preferred Dealer Protection program, you receive a loss control program tailored to your needs by professionally trained loss control personnel with experience in dealership operations who will visit your facilities and offer security recommendations specifically for your dealership to reduce losses. Preferred Dealer Protection is the only program offering hands on "Cost Control Through Loss Control."

We continually search for better methods of loss prevention and then update our representatives through ongoing training programs. We also share this information with our customers through a loss control portal. Dealers insured through Preferred Dealer Protection have loss control at their fingertips.


Dealers throughout Canada and the United States have reported that insurance losses declined substantially in the two years following implementation of the PDP Group loss prevention recommendations. Our Loss Control Specialists can recommend ways for you to decrease, or even eliminate your exposure to loss.

Become a member of the Preferred Dealer Program and experience "Cost Control through Loss Control."

We identify potential problems and assist you in the following areas of your operation:

Employment related practices

Certificates of insurance

Demonstrator exposure

Environmental hazards

Dealer plates

Fraud protection

Perimeter protection

Key control

Dealership security

Financial control


Shop operations

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